The FHLBA is proud to offer Grants to Veteran, Active Military, and Surviving Spouses for Home Repair & Handicap Accessible Improvements

What does the Grant Cover:

Provides up to $12,500 or $15,000 (15-20% used for processing fees) in grant funding for weatherization, energy efficient and/or handicap accessibility improvements of an existing owner-occupied home. Grant funding does not require repayment as long as the homeowner does not sell the home or do a cash-out refinance within 5 years. Eligible improvements include exterior doors, HVAC systems, insulation, water heaters, roofs, windows, low-flow plumbing fixtures, exterior ramps and sidewalks, bathroom and kitchen renovations (for handicap accessibility), door widening, floor replacement, and other general repairs. The grant starts at $12,500 for all veterans/active military, but goes up to $15,000 for veterans/active military who have served in an Overseas Military Intervention Environment. As a FHLB member bank, Reliance Bank, processes and facilities applications for the counties listed below.

Please Note: We can only work applications that are requesting the above rehabilitation work. The FHLB cannot fund applications for removable improvements such as dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, dryers, or air conditioning window units.

Who Qualifies:

1. Veterans, active duty members of any branch of the U.S. military, or their surviving spouse

2. Household Income: The household income must be below the following limits

3. Homeowners: You must have owned and occupied the subject property for at least 30 days

4. Intent to Occupy the Property for Five Years: Each applicant must sign a Security Agreement that is attached to the title for five years. If the home is sold or a cash-out refinance is done over the five year period, then there is a possibility the grant will have to be repaid. The amount on the Security Agreement (amount to be paid payback if sold, etc) decreases 20% each year over the five year period. This is to prevent fraud and abuse of the grant program.

Required with Application: copy of your deed, DD-214, and if a surviving spouse, a marriage and death certificate

Please submit all questions to: Hamlin Caldwell - Reliance Bank - FHLB Program Coordinator 256.233.5884 -